Illusionary Pyramids

For a few years I have seen the Best Illusion of the Year Contest pass me by. Last time I decided I actually wanted to do something for it but just submitting one of my impossible figures felt a bit uninspiring as I make a bunch of them every year. This idea first came to me in November 2010, but back then it was just a loose concept for a computer animation. It wasn’t until July last year that I picked it up again, swapped to real models and did a whole lot of the design work, sadly too late to make the 2011 contest.

As I got distracted with taking my motorcycle license last autumn I managed to forget about the contest again! Though by chance I stopped by their site the 22nd of February this year, that is about 1½ weeks ago, and I saw that they had extended the deadline to March 1st! This meant I had actually missed the original deadline already, which apparently was February the 14th, shock! Noting how lucky I was to have randomly browsed to their site and that they actually had extended the deadline I instantly decided that I had to do this project, and I had one week to pull it off. I quickly got started as I didn’t want to miss yet another year.

I will go into more detail of how I planned and executed this, but as that would spoil the experience of watching the video I am saving that for a later post. Right now, watch the end result below and hopefully your mind will still work properly afterwards :)

Update: I actually redid the video with another piece of music and with better timing. And I removed the annoying twitching, version 1.1 is much better!

About Andreas Aronsson

Professional app- & web-developer. Spare time multimedia experimenter, VR-enthusiast, motorcyclist. In Sweden.
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3 Responses to Illusionary Pyramids

  1. ZackDark says:


    That last scene was great!

  2. IIAOPSW says:

    On some of them the shading seemed off.

    for others, if you had a ball you could get some “impossible motion” going.

    good luck with the competition.

  3. Thank you guys :)

    About the shading. The setup of the lighting was a nightmare as the objects differ so much, the most severe problem areas are the ones you notice. I didn’t have enough rigging gear or space to make it perfect, but unless I had stressed this out for the contest I would probably not have finalized it anytime soon :P

    That’s the perfectionist in me delaying things by expanding and refining the idea. The limited amount of time/funding/space/resources actually helped me contain the concept and execute it :) I did two retakes though, on all the pyramids, due to said lighting issues (they were much worse at first) and exposure issues. More about that later, probably.

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