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  • I am known as BOLL online and in games and actually quite often offline as it has turned out. This should explain the title of this site.
  • I live in Sweden, the cold and dark country with the highest rate of depression in the world.
  • I currently work as an IT manager at a local IKEA factory. I try to make up for the lack of creativity at work on my spare time when I have brain juice left for personal projects.
  • I have studied Computer Game Design at the University and Nature Science combined with Furniture Carpentry (!?) at College.
  • I make Impossible Figures to challenge my mind, and yours!
  • I love digital photography as a creative tool and as a mean to document everyday happenings. I always want a new camera.
  • I mix going to the gym, running and playing DDR to try and get some exercise and reduce the amount of body fat.
  • I greatly enjoy good video games and especially co-operative games. When it comes to multiplayer I absolutely prefer couch multiplayer before online.
  • I used to watch a lot of Anime series but now I go to the source and read the Mangas instead. Same as reading the books instead of seeing the movies.
  • I enjoy reading books, mostly fantasy and science fiction, it just takes me a long time and I usually have a whole bunch I want to read at the same time.
  • I mostly listen to instrumental music or songs with lyrics in languages I don’t understand. Genres are just about anything while name-dropping is not my thing as I often have random playlists.
  • I always need more sleep. For some reason the days always ends earlier than I expect them to do.