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Rift Shopping

If you follow tech or gaming news you would know that the Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset with a wide field of view and low latency head tracking. If you had no idea, now you know! I became … Continue reading

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Motorcycling Facebook Banner

This past summer I one day randomly decided I would try to realize a photo montage I had dreamt up during the off season, while it was still cold and the road road conditions were dangerous. In Sweden you do … Continue reading

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Droste Facebook Banner

A while back I experimented with making images with the Droste effect. I planned to do some serious pictures but I never got so far as the plugin I was using had a few issues with my installation, and now … Continue reading

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Sketching Myself

Sometimes I pick a friends profile picture on Facebook and imitate it. My initial thought was that I would do this frequently and then post a collection, but I didn’t really have the motivation to keep it going so I’ll just … Continue reading

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GoPro Contest Fail

So yeah, I didn’t win anything in the recent GoPro contest, I was going to post this much earlier but the previous month was crazy-busy including a business trip to Prague for an administration course. Not winning is of course a … Continue reading

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Google Reader is Awesome

Or well, it was awesome. Now it’s just a popular RSS feed aggregator. Early this week Google pushed the new version of Google Reader onto users. The fact sharing would be removed had been announced a week prior to the … Continue reading

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