Virtual Reality

This is where I collect my random guides that are VR related which could be images, apps or blog posts. If I ever feel the need to do something more serious I’ll consider adding subpages.

  • Simulator Sickness and VR Legs: a post about why you can get nausea in VR, and how I kind of overcame it.
  • Should you buy a VR system?: A flowchart to help you decide if you should buy VR at all, in the state the market was in early 2016.
  • PC VR Buyer’s Guide: An interactive form to help you decide between PC VR systems. I wrote about the guide itself here. If you want my subjective comparison of the Rift and Vive instead it is here. (This is probably awfully out of date by now, 2016-12)
  • Simple IPD Measurement Method: a post about how to yourself measure your inter-pupillary distance, something you adjust a VR headset for to be able to use it comfortably.