Fine tune your play space

Note: I’m writing this from the perspective of a Vive user as that is the system I use, it’s possible with other systems but might be trickier or have to be done differently.

To make this entire thing even remotely possible we need a good starting point. What this means is a play space that is set up in a way that relates well to the 3D model we will create. The basic properties we want is sides parallel to the walls of the room and the center of the play space being in an identifiable spot.

Prepare outside of VR

  1. Measure out your physical play space, it should be a proper right angle rectangle with sides parallel with your walls, unless your room is an odd shape that is.
  2. At the center of your space, put down on of your controllers so the tapered end of it points at the center. Make sure to not step on it or kick it away.

Fine tune inside VR

  1. Launch ChaperoneTweak in your VR headset, you can read the full controls on the website.
  2. If you haven’t fine tuned your Chaperone walls go ahead and do that, it will make it easier to adjust the play area.
  3. Hold the menu button and switch to the floor mode by releasing in the top right icon.
  4. Adjust the floor so the center of it is lined up with the end of your marker controller while the sides of it is parallel to at least one of your walls.
    1. To make it easier to line things up you can use the front facing camera, double-tap the system button to enable it. Toggle it on and off to see that things are where they should be.
    2. A good way to do this is to line up two opposite corners against the walls, then scale the play area in a single axis with the red sides until the center hits the marked spot.
  5. Don’t forget to save, you do it the same way you switched into floor mode, but using the floppy icon.

The end result should look like the image below, click for a larger version.

ChaperoneTweak final setup

It might make more sense if you watch this short demonstration of how I calibrated my space, here I put my marker controller in the previously set center as I had measured that beforehand: