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Wedding Activities

A little more than a month ago (September 4th) a couple of my friends got married! Pernilla and Johannes, and I got the honor to be acting wedding host (a.k.a. toast master) together with another friend, Veronica :) I had … Continue reading

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Yet another camera?

According to people around me I apparently buy way more cameras than I could possibly have use for. Photography is one of my hobbies and because I have had at least some motivation for each purchase I figured I would … Continue reading

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Christmas Decoration Madness

I have never been much of a Christmas decorator. Last year I bought a few metal stars to hang in my windows but otherwise I have almost nothing. This year I noticed a computer Christmas decoration contest over at Sweclockers.com, … Continue reading

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Photo Dump Extravaganza

I have been really busy for quite some time now, which sure has affected my blogging performance. Personal projects has been put on hold and media gathers up on my machine, being photos and video recordings. Previously I have mentioned … Continue reading

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Review: Casio Exilim EX-FC100

Index Introduction Why I picked it What I got as a bonus What I like about it What I do not like about it What I would change in a firmware upgrade What I would change before the next revision … Continue reading

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Ski Camp 2009

I went together with a whole lot of teenagers on a Church Skiing camp this February. It was a tremendous amount of fun with a lot of social activities and, of course, skiing. I am not going to spend very … Continue reading

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Pictures from Öland

Yet again I went with my parents on a camping trip to Öland, to get away from home for a while, this was in July this year. It is a necessity for me to get out of town so it … Continue reading

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Midsummer Eve ’09

In June this year I was invited to Lysekil, a friend’s home town, to celebrate the Swedish holiday Midsummer Eve. A group of us went there and had a great time! First we had some food while trying to survive … Continue reading

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The Secrecy, the Pain, the Happiness!

Backstory When I started my last year at the Gymnasium back in 2001 the school began offering driving classes, both theory and actual driving, as a part of the normal education. Naturally I started reading there too early so I … Continue reading

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Steam ship sails, no steam or sail

In early June, the 6th, I accompanied my parents and my younger brother to see when they launched a steam ship which they have been building on for the last 15 or so years. It is a recreation of a … Continue reading

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