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Background Formula

Before getting into the meat of this post I need to tell you some background information first, no pun intended, honestly! When I draw my impossible figures I add a background grid to emphasize that it actually is drawn in … Continue reading

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The Maw Revisited

(A link to the game!) To make a long story short! Mig over at HBO contacted me about two weeks ago to make a Flash game to help distribute codes to the Halo: Reach beta. I pondered the project and … Continue reading

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Enigmatic Observation

Before I started making impossible figures in three point perspective I drew them in parallel projection. What I’m posting here is my greatest figure from that category. I made a few sketches in 2004, the idea was to prepare for … Continue reading

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Flumen Formula: Level Creation

Flumen Formula is one of my many spare time hobby Flash projects which is unfinished. This one I’ve spent a fair amount of brain-juice to create, so I better complete it or the waste would be terrible! The game is … Continue reading

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Interactive Toy: Bounce Plane

I like to doodle in Flash, I got this idea in my head after I browsed my old flash creations, so I made it. It’s really quite simple, but so toys should be. Just mouse over the flash to see … Continue reading

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