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Show your face in a VR profile picture

Since 2013 I’ve been sporting a profile picture or avatar that features me wearing an Oculus Rift DK1. It was originally a photograph for my post about my impressions of the headset. It stuck with me for the longest time … Continue reading

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PC VR Buyer’s Guide

I’ve hinted on making a buyer’s guide a few times now and I used a few evenings to set up a page for it. Originally I was going to make a folding form you could print and fill out, but … Continue reading

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Simple IPD Measurement Method

A few days ago I noticed a post on Reddit about how to measure your IPD, or inter-pupillary distance, without going to an optometrist. The method required a pair of binoculars though, which I don’t have readily available, so I figured … Continue reading

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Sketching Myself

Sometimes I pick a friends profile picture on Facebook and imitate it. My initial thought was that I would do this frequently and then post a collection, but I didn’t really have the motivation to keep it going so I’ll just … Continue reading

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Forced Perspective Group Shot

During ten days in May me and a friend were in the United States of America spending some vacation time. We lived about a week in New York but the main event, which was the initial motivation for the entire … Continue reading

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Cobalt Flux Revived

A few months back I finally ordered a pair of Cobalt Flux dancing platforms. I had been dreaming about those since I first got aware of their existence, probably about four or five years ago. I imported them from the … Continue reading

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Epic Camping Internet Sharing

Since I was camping with my parents last year I had planned to get something to make accessing the internet a bit more comfortable. Previously I brought with me a switch and a bunch of RJ45 cables, and then we … Continue reading

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Cheap Microphone Stand

While looking for a good mike to record my voice with for videos (still getting there) I bumped into a Youtube clip where a similar mike was mounted on a swimg-arm desktop light. Of course I had to do the … Continue reading

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Modular Sofa Win

When I moved into my current apartment I decided to get a new sofa. When picking which sofa to get I looked at functionality first, then appeal, price and lastly comfortability; because that has to be tested at the store … Continue reading

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Impossible Figures

Note: If you ended up on this page while looking for my actual art, go here! Index: History, Philosophy, Technology History The Beginning I remember my first impossible drawing vividly. After getting very fascinated by impossible triangle, or tribar, in … Continue reading

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