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The Maw Revisited

(A link to the game!) To make a long story short! Mig over at HBO contacted me about two weeks ago to make a Flash game to help distribute codes to the Halo: Reach beta. I pondered the project and … Continue reading

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Enigmatic Observation

Before I started making impossible figures in three point perspective I drew them in parallel projection. What I’m posting here is my greatest figure from that category. I made a few sketches in 2004, the idea was to prepare for … Continue reading

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Halo: Wheels on Fire

This was the pinnacle of my modding “carrier” of Halo 1, which was shortly after it begun. After that I mostly experimented with weird stuff and looked for hidden things. Here lots of shaders have been swapped, as well as … Continue reading

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Halo: Video Compilation

This is a collection of videos from Halo:CE on the Xbox from around 2003. Most of it is with modding or other hacks (everything but the first clip!). The source material was captured with various weird USB or PCI devices, … Continue reading

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Halo: Bah…

This is another Halo Hacking video. It features flying Ghosts, Warthogs, Scorpions and a little more. As well as overpowered weapons, swapped shaders and textures, which is quite noticeable. As I was so busy exploring the innards of the game … Continue reading

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Halo: Happy Hacking

I’m going to repost some of my old videos, from the days when hacking/modding Halo was the hottest thing ever (in the Halo community anyway). The first one is Happy Hacking, released a few days after PfhorSlayer had put out … Continue reading

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