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Swedwood Illusion

Earlier this year when I was out for a walk I noticed that the entrance signs for my old workplace could line up in interesting ways when you placed yourself at specific vantage points. At the time I only had … Continue reading

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Sketching Myself

Sometimes I pick a friends profile picture on Facebook and imitate it. My initial thought was that I would do this frequently and then post a collection, but I didn’t really have the motivation to keep it going so I’ll just … Continue reading

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Illusionary Pyramids

For a few years I have seen the Best Illusion of the Year Contest pass me by. Last time I decided I actually wanted to do something for it but just submitting one of my impossible figures felt a bit … Continue reading

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Forced Perspective Group Shot

During ten days in May me and a friend were in the United States of America spending some vacation time. We lived about a week in New York but the main event, which was the initial motivation for the entire … Continue reading

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Chistmas Card 2010

This year, or last year rather , I had made up my mind that I was going to be smart and make my seasonal card in good time before they had to be sent. Instead of very late like previous … Continue reading

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Is this really me?

If you can, click the image quickly before reading any other text and try to figure out what the concept is, except that there are two of me fused together. I will try to write some generic text here as … Continue reading

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Flip it!

You might remember my last venture into turning my head upside down. Just after posting that I happened to bump into similar images on the net. The method used seemed easier while also generating easier to look at results, uhoh. … Continue reading

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Bathroom Anamorphosis

Ever since I stumbled upon anamorphosis I have wanted to make one for myself, to decorate my home with, and especially something that would spook visitors. This specific idea formed in my head about six months ago, but it was … Continue reading

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Art revision complete!

To get things ready for print services I have spent the last few weeks revising my impossible figure templates, scripts, and actions. This to convert them and all future art from CMYK to RGB and the aspect ratio to 4:3. … Continue reading

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Loniek paints on his walls!

Yesterday I got a very interesting email from the user Loniek of hlawka.com. He finds optical illusions and impossible figures interesting, and thus he has painted one of my figures as a perspective anamorphic image on a corner of his… … Continue reading

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