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Church Roof Renovation

In April the roof and parts of the facade of the church I attend was going to get a facelift. As my back is not the back of a youthful teenager I was not signed up for any volontary work, … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Silver Falls

Last October I went with a bunch of friends to a place called the Silver Falls, or Silverfallen in Swedish. It’s a nature reserve and as such is a fairly beautiful place, we went there to have a picnic and … Continue reading

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Christmas Card 2011

This year (2011) I was very worn out and stressed when I finally accepted that if I was going to make a Christmas card I had to do it now and then. That was the 18th of December. The official … Continue reading

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Shooting from a Motorcycle

This is an idea I got just when I had started practicing riding my motorcycle. The motivation was a contest on a site where you submitted a photo project you wanted to do with the camera you could win. As … Continue reading

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I Love My GoPro!

The post title is also the name of a contest held by GoPro! Entrants get to caption four photos and/or creative entries and submit them for a chance to win an HD Hero 2 including mounting accessories. The top spot out of the top … Continue reading

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Company Photo Book

This April 1st the company group I currently work for allowed for employees to take photos during the workday, because the date was the 20th anniversary of the group, and the reason behind this exception was that a photo book … Continue reading

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Jumping the Rocks

My neighbor and friend randomly said that we were going to Lysekil the next day, he proposed this quite late in the evening. I was first and foremost added to the group as they needed a sober driver on the … Continue reading

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Ryds Grottor

I was supposed to blog this a month or more ago, but I’ve been very distracted… but now I am motivated as this will prelude another blog post :) About 1½ months ago I accompanied two of my (crazy?) friends, … Continue reading

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Forced Perspective Group Shot

During ten days in May me and a friend were in the United States of America spending some vacation time. We lived about a week in New York but the main event, which was the initial motivation for the entire … Continue reading

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Skating on a Lake

A little more than two weeks ago I was randomly invited to go iceskating on a lake that had frozen over this winter. Now, as it had already turned into March, the ice was melting away but it was still … Continue reading

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