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Show your face in a VR profile picture

Since 2013 I’ve been sporting a profile picture or avatar that features me wearing an Oculus Rift DK1. It was originally a photograph for my post about my impressions of the headset. It stuck with me for the longest time … Continue reading

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Three Headsets, Three Pictures, Three Years

Sometimes I get this creative urge that drives me to just make something, then photography is a nice outlet, I get to conceptualise and plan something, set up and experiment with image technology, act as a talent and finally dabble around … Continue reading

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Limited Edition VR Hardware

I got my VR hardware fairly quickly after launch, as I mentioned before, only one week late for both the Vive and Rift. This limited access of course had me thinking about what I could do to have some fun … Continue reading

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Christmas Card 2015

I realize that I will have this post on the same front page as the 2014 one, it shows how my relationship with my blog has deteriorated in 2014! I’ve enjoyed the simple formatting language of Markdown using Reddit and … Continue reading

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Easy Monitor Backlight

– I’ve not written on this here blog for quite some time now. Not sure if it’s because of stress or just that it’s so convenient to post articles on large forums like Reddit, mostly due to limited formatting. And as … Continue reading

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Christmas Card 2014

It feels like a long time ago I posted anything else than my illusions. Hmh… I have many posts I should finish, that are still just drafts, stuff like instant projects makes me remember that. This is one project like … Continue reading

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Oculus Rift Impressions

So I figured I would write about my experience of the Oculus Rift so far. There are probably tons of impressions to be found online, but perhaps this might touch upon things that are not too common to bring up … Continue reading

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I have always had a fascination with 360 degree panoramas, often when I have been out travelling or just outdoors I place myself strategically and spin on the spot to capture my surroundings. This interest started much earlier than my … Continue reading

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Trick Music: Prism

In March last year I got an email from Trick Music about using one of my impossible figures as a CD cover for one of their upcoming projects. As you might remember something similar has happened before, and for some reason … Continue reading

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DreamHack Winter 2012

Above you can see a time-lapse done with my webcam from when I visited DreamHack Winter 2012. Right now I’m at zero income, and a table spot is quite expensive, but as I had never brought a machine when going … Continue reading

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