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Regarding Diablo III

In the year 2000 a new game was released that I stuck with for many years, that game was Diablo 2. It was the sequal to Diablo which I had only played a sporadically late in its life. As for … Continue reading

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Church Roof Renovation

In April the roof and parts of the facade of the church I attend was going to get a facelift. As my back is not the back of a youthful teenager I was not signed up for any volontary work, … Continue reading

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Wedding Activities

A little more than a month ago (September 4th) a couple of my friends got married! Pernilla and Johannes, and I got the honor to be acting wedding host (a.k.a. toast master) together with another friend, Veronica :) I had … Continue reading

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Christmas Decoration Madness

I have never been much of a Christmas decorator. Last year I bought a few metal stars to hang in my windows but otherwise I have almost nothing. This year I noticed a computer Christmas decoration contest over at Sweclockers.com, … Continue reading

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Rock Climbing

One and a half months ago a friend brought me out for rock climbing with her friend which is a climbing instructor. I have never climbed before and I was told about it the previous evening, so I had no … Continue reading

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Baking Time-Lapse

It was my turn to make the handle the table at the morning break at work. The company supplies with bread, butter etc, but this means you have to get something extra fancy for Friday, preferably something you baked yourself. … Continue reading

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Renovating My Apartment

Last summer I began renovating my new apartment. My lovely parents helped me out, or else I would still be doing it. During the process I had a laptop with an Xbox Live Vision camera connected that captured a frame … Continue reading

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